J.Raman Pens

This story begins with a day trip to Chicago in March of 2016.

A few friends and I were looking at some pens in a store when I proudly exclaimed 'I can make a better pen!"

Little did I know that those few words said in haste would set me on an adventure to make a better pen.  2 months later, much to my own surprise I made my first pen, a twist ballpoint made out of tropical cocobolo.  It was quite obvious that it was not a better pen.  In fact, it was a terrible disaster that barely resembled a pen.  Refusing to give up I made a second pen, still a disaster but it started to resemble a pen.

Have I made a better pen?

I do know the answer but I'll let you decide.

One thing I will tell you for sure is that every pen I make is just a little better than the last.

Knowing this, I can always make a better pen.